Do Anything by Counting to 5

1…2…3…4…[Insert anything that you want to do here]

A year or so ago, I learned a life rule that I still use to this very day.  It has helped me out in a variety of situations and has led to getting things done.

I was directed to a post on Reddit that was titled ‘What life rule do you have for yourself that can never be broken?’ and from reading the responses on the page, one stood out called the Rule of 5 and below contains a description of that rule:

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Discover Your Life Purpose and Write it Down!

Some time ago, I watched a video, read a blog post, or scrolled down my Facebook feed and encountered some sort of guide to discovering your life purpose. I can vaguely remember what’s been said, but I did find an old text file hidden away in a folder on my laptop. Reading the text file jogged my memory a little bit. I remember jotting down about the hobbies I enjoy, the people I love and the goals and ambitions I want to pursue.

As a result, this is what is contained in the text file:

22/10/2016 21:25

“What is my true purpose in life?

To do what makes for a good story – living a life of adventures and without regrets. Seeing what there is of the world – the cultures, environment, and experiences that forms into the sphere we call Earth. To discover our potential, limitations and possibilities and grow and develop into someone with wisdom, stories and lessons to pass on to the future generations. By travel, sometimes into the unknown, carrying risk and responsibilities in the hope of reward and experiences.”

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Fighting Fears of Solo Travel Plans

It has been a while since my last post and since then I have thought long and hard about my solo travel plans coming next year in April/May. The main objective is to travel somewhere on my own before I reach the age of 20, as a limit such as this motivates me more to accomplish it. The hardest question that is preventing me from going ahead with my plans is: Where? It’s been a struggle choosing between Thailand (the backpacker’s starter destination), Indonesia/Malaysia (the backpacker’s unknown destination, or Japan (the backpacker’s expensive destination).

I’m leaning more towards Japan now because of all of the YouTube videos that have inspired me to pursue visiting various places and immersing myself in the Japanese culture and trying out different and wonderful types of food. It’s not a set decision just yet, but if I were to go to Japan, I really need to book flights real soon. Upon reading other posts, the best time to book flights is between 7 weeks and 12 weeks, so I am aiming to book those flights by mid-January for a price range between £400 – £500. Please let me know if this is possible for travelling in April – May. I don’t want to leave it too late, though, otherwise, I may need to delay it for after I turn 20 years old. Regrets are something I want to minimise from now on and want to draw in opportunities instead.

Now onto the main topic: the fears of my solo travel plans.

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So, Who Are You Travelling With?

As the title suggests, I get this question asked a lot. Recently, I confirmed plans for my first ever solo travel trip! The kind of questions I am getting asked now are usually the Five W’s and the One ‘H’. That is ‘Who’, ‘What’, ‘When’, ‘Where’, ‘Why’ and ‘How’. I’ll answer them now as I’m sure they’ll be Frequently Asked Questions in the near future.

Who?! Just me, simple as that. I’ve decided after going on family trips to Barcelona, Spain; the Isle of Wight, England; and camping with a group in Haverfordwest, Wales, this summer. I wanted a personal challenge and I feel that backpacking (travelling on a budget) on my own (but not alone) meets that challenge. Initially, I have asked friends if they wanted to go, but due to university, time, and money, there was not one that would want to commit to such an adventure. I think it will be more fulfilling taking on this challenge as I’m at the prime age (19) to be going off on my own adventures and growing independent.

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The Work/Travel Balance

Have you ever spontaneously thought about wanting to get on the next plane to anywhere and travel? I certainly have.

My daily routine involves getting up at 06:00, commuting to the office by foot and train and getting there by 08:30, then finishing work at 16:30 and getting back home by 18:00. Long day, isn’t it? Imagine doing this until you reach retirement; I couldn’t. Luckily, for me, this routine is a taster for what there is to come as I’m an apprentice at a world-leading IT company.  No risk, no debt; just experiencing the role that I could see myself doing for the next 5-10 years. That’s what I like about apprenticeships – you can see your chosen career path and the opportunities it presents more clearly and it allows you the flexibility to take control of your decisions. If you think that career path is not suited to you, then there’s no harm done in leaving and there’s no cost to it either.

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