Do Anything by Counting to 5

1…2…3…4…[Insert anything that you want to do here]

A year or so ago, I learned a life rule that I still use to this very day.  It has helped me out in a variety of situations and has led to getting things done.

I was directed to a post on Reddit that was titled ‘What life rule do you have for yourself that can never be broken?’ and from reading the responses on the page, one stood out called the Rule of 5 and below contains a description of that rule:

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Climbing Welsh Mountains!

I did not know what I signed up for nor did I know what to expect. Back in November, I received a generic email sent to the county organisation that I am a part of about participating in a weekend of mountaineering in the heart of Snowdonia in the cold winter of January. “Who’d want to do that?” I asked myself as I was sat by my laptop in my hotel room during a business trip. And at that very moment, I thought “heck, why not? What do I have to lose?” and signed up for it. It’s a new experience and the weekend will only cost £50 for hostel accommodation and food. I never knew much about where I’ll be going, who else will I  be going with and what exactly I will be doing, but I wanted to be spontaneous and try something new. So I replied to the email, transferred the cost over, and confirmed my place for this trip.

“You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.” – Benjamin Mee, We Bought a Zoo

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Discover Your Life Purpose and Write it Down!

Some time ago, I watched a video, read a blog post, or scrolled down my Facebook feed and encountered some sort of guide to discovering your life purpose. I can vaguely remember what’s been said, but I did find an old text file hidden away in a folder on my laptop. Reading the text file jogged my memory a little bit. I remember jotting down about the hobbies I enjoy, the people I love and the goals and ambitions I want to pursue.

As a result, this is what is contained in the text file:

22/10/2016 21:25

“What is my true purpose in life?

To do what makes for a good story – living a life of adventures and without regrets. Seeing what there is of the world – the cultures, environment, and experiences that forms into the sphere we call Earth. To discover our potential, limitations and possibilities and grow and develop into someone with wisdom, stories and lessons to pass on to the future generations. By travel, sometimes into the unknown, carrying risk and responsibilities in the hope of reward and experiences.”

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Your Life Stories, Lessons and Plans

“Learn from the past,  live in the present, plan for the future” – Audrey Farrell.

During a recent business trip, I had opportunities to have meals out with my colleagues whom I don’t really talk too much in the office as I am in a different team. As an Apprentice, it was especially important to not just learn about the job and what it entails, but also about working life and the stories and lessons learnt by colleagues that are far older and wiser than me.

A man in his mid-50s emphasised the importance of doing things while I am still young: to travel the world and to live and love without regrets. He told me about his time in the Royal Air Force and more about his life regrets and ambitions. He was a bit more drunk further on in our conversation and mentioned a lot about his love life, but I won’t go there, but there is more to come later.

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Failed my Third Driving Test

Do I really need to drive? I’ve always asked that question to myself every time I failed my driving exam or just having a bad (driving) day. Recently, I found purpose on needing to drive, after asking friends and family for lifts to and from places where I cannot get to by foot.

I’m a walker and a pretty good one too. I tend to not ask for lifts if I can get there myself because I generally just enjoy walking. You may have read in another post that I commute to work by foot and train for 3 hours each day. 1 hour is by foot and I don’t think I have ever got to and from the train station without commuting by foot unless my parents are passing by on their way or coming back from town. A friend asked me why I don’t take the bus – there are good transport links after all and I can’t blame him for asking. I’d rather not spend an extra couple of pound on my bus fare on top of paying for a weekly train ticket and it’s also healthier if you didn’t know.

Redirecting myself back to the topic, I failed my third driving test. Here is what I got on all of my tests:

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The Appreciation of Being Disconnected

Being away from your TV, phone, laptop, the Internet, or any other electrical device you own can be the most appreciative thing to do in a while. Let me tell you my reasons why:

Last week I was helping out at a summer camp with a youth organisation and we stayed at a remote location near Haverfordwest, Wales. It was very remote and it was a 10-minute walk away to the beach in order to get the slightest bit of signal coverage. So I wasn’t planning to bring a TV or laptop to camp anyway, but I did bring my mobile phone.  And not once did I use it!

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The Work/Travel Balance

Have you ever spontaneously thought about wanting to get on the next plane to anywhere and travel? I certainly have.

My daily routine involves getting up at 06:00, commuting to the office by foot and train and getting there by 08:30, then finishing work at 16:30 and getting back home by 18:00. Long day, isn’t it? Imagine doing this until you reach retirement; I couldn’t. Luckily, for me, this routine is a taster for what there is to come as I’m an apprentice at a world-leading IT company.  No risk, no debt; just experiencing the role that I could see myself doing for the next 5-10 years. That’s what I like about apprenticeships – you can see your chosen career path and the opportunities it presents more clearly and it allows you the flexibility to take control of your decisions. If you think that career path is not suited to you, then there’s no harm done in leaving and there’s no cost to it either.

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