Post-Travel Blues: Back To The 3-hour Commute

It’s already been now a month since I came back from Japan. Where did all that time go? I can remember almost everything so vividly during my 3-week trip and yet I cannot remember what I had for breakfast last weekend.

The past month has been hard adjusting back to, although 3-weeks in Japan is relatively short compared to other travellers going on 3-month, 6-month or even year-long trips.

I never thought post-travel blues was a real thing after coming back from my first proper trip to Vietnam and Cambodia in 2014. I did expect I’d feel the same way after Japan, but this is on a different scale.

[The featured image is of a Buddhist monk that I have encountered when exploring Tō-ji temple in Kyoto, Japan.]

Having been responsible solely for myself, staying as productive as I can be to make the most out of my trip, meeting new people and experiencing incredible things; it’s weird falling back into the 9-5 routine, seeing the same people and doing the repetitive work to make a living.

There has been a lot of change since coming back. The work situation is changing, bringing ever-increasing uncertainty of what is to come. I’ve spent a long time contemplating about moving projects and long-term career goals. I’m also not too sure what to think about the apprenticeship scheme I am in; I was relieved to finish all of my apprenticeship assignments back in February, but now I feel that I need a new challenge.

The morale of the apprentices is also dropping since a few apprentices have already left or handed in their notice. It’s making me rethink my situation about what I want to do and pursue,

Travel has changed my perspective on things, making me realise how precious time really is and how fast it can pass by following a 9-5 routine.

I’ve been more frustrated with the frequent train delays being back in England and delays are almost non-existent in Japan. The amount of time I put into my commute is around 15 hours a week (3 hours a day), which is excessive compared to another apprentice that only has to commute up to an hour a day.

I’ve now realised that it’s far too long and costly to work so far away and I’m now putting a lot of thought into seeing what is right for me.

I want to stay productive and continue to do meaningful things in my limited weekends and not fall back into watching too much TV shows and movies and playing too much video games.

So far, I’ve managed to catch up with friends, attend a paddlesport coaching course, ran a 10km race, and starting to plan another trip to Eastern Europe at the end of this year. I also need to focus on getting more professional qualifications for work and also pass my driving test.

I’m not considering just yet to take the plunge, quit my job and travel the world, but I have been trying to readjust my lifestyle with what I’ve learnt from my trip. But who knows? I definitely want to plan an extended trip and I will be in the works soon.

You may have noticed that I have not been posting as much since I came back. Although I am eager to get writing and share with you what happened during my adventures to Japan, I’ve found difficulty in simply just getting motivated to do so.

Maybe this is a symptom of post-travel blues, but my daily routine and workplace stress has also been affecting me, leading to me being more tired than motivated to write. Hopefully, it will get better soon and I look forward to sharing my tips and experience of travelling around Japan and doing it all on my own.

I will definitely be continuing this blog – the motivation that made me go to Japan in the first place. Having the continued support to pursue my adventures has been incredible and reading my older posts also has some personal benefit too. My main focus, for the time being, is to seriously think about what I want out of my life and to also read more books, blogs and articles to become a better travel writer.

Thanks for reading and until next time,



2 thoughts on “Post-Travel Blues: Back To The 3-hour Commute

  1. I find coming back from travelling really hard too. You are right finding things to do on weekends is a good idea. It is also important to chill and relax after a busy week. It is hard to get the balance. I think writing helps. I enjoyed reading this post. Keep up your great articles!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, that’s the important part to have time to wind down and blogging definitely helps! Thank you for reading and I certainly will do. :)


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