Japan: JR Pass and Data Sim Acquired!

As I’ve made more progress on my solo travel plans to Japan, here’s another update on what I have done:

Literally, 10 minutes ago, I have only gone ahead and bought my Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass)! I budgeted for a price of £400 GBP  for a 21-day JR Pass and I managed to get one for £399 from Japan Experience. Although I could have waited a bit longer for the GBP-JPY exchange rate to improve on XE Currency Converter, I have been getting quite stressed, having to keep an eye on the exchange rate all of the time, so since it is within my initial budget, I just counted to 5 and went ahead and bought it. And you know what? I feel very relieved now that my biggest expenses are now out of the way. More relieved than when I bought my airline tickets, in fact!

It has taken me a couple of months to decide how I will get around Japan and I initially had my doubts on the JR Pass because of its huge upfront cost. However, after reading more blog posts and participating in a travel forum, I decided that getting around Japan by train with the JR Pass seemed like the most suitable.  The route I plan to take will cost no more than 100,000 JPY and the pass itself costs no more than 60,000 JPY. Confirming this by using online calculators, I should be able to make a 40,000 JPY saving (that’s around £280 GBP!)

Click here if you would like to view my route in a map view and check out my calculated saving!

It’s wonderful that I can travel on my favourite mode of transportation and also have the freedom to travel where I want in the country. Seeing Mount Fuji in view from a Shinkansen (Bullet Train) is also something to look forward to!

On top of buying a JR Pass, I also bought a Data Sim Card from Japan Experience. I did spend a bit of time researching my options, and considering the first few days in Japan will be a logistical nightmare getting used to train timetables and planning, buying a 200mb a day Data Sim Card for £32 GBP seemed like a good deal as it is a necessity in order to get around.

Next steps are managing my finances for the upcoming trip. I’m currently looking at the Revolut Card, suggested by a fellow reader in one of my previous posts, but I’ll need to work out how I’ll manage by bank transfers in-country as it requires a registered number to log into the application. I’m also looking at other prepaid travel cards so that I can stretch my currency as much as I possibly can.

If there’s anyone planning their trip to Japan, I hope this post helps! Also if you have travelled to Japan and would like to share your tips, please comment below!

Thanks for reading and until next time,





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