Do Anything by Counting to 5

1…2…3…4…[Insert anything that you want to do here]

A year or so ago, I learned a life rule that I still use to this very day.  It has helped me out in a variety of situations and has led to getting things done.

I was directed to a post on Reddit that was titled ‘What life rule do you have for yourself that can never be broken?’ and from reading the responses on the page, one stood out called the Rule of 5 and below contains a description of that rule:

I count to 5. This is a secret rule I have for myself. Whenever I don’t want to do something (something small like getting out of bed, to something bigger, like asking a girl out), I count to 5 in my head. Whenever I reach 5, I have to do it. I have never failed to do what I set out to do once I hit 5, so it always works for me, in a weird sort of way. I know that if I didn’t do it, the “rule of 5” would cease to exist, and since I need it to exist, I have to do what I said I would do. It’s a weird paradox, but it works.

TL; DR: If there’s something you know you need to do, just count to 5, and then you must do it. And so you will.

The Rule of 5 has transformed how I do things, such as completing tasks that I lack the motivation to begin. As stated in the description, it is a weird paradox, but it works, and I have been able to apply this rule to my job, apprenticeship work, and future plans. It certainly has helped my productivity and get things done.

If I get nervous to introduce myself to someone whom I never met before,  I simply count to 5 in my head and on that fifth count, I approach that person in a confident manner and get it done. This has led to meeting new friends when I climbed mountains with strangers!

If I decide that I want to book flights, but I doubt my decision at the very last minute, I simply count to 5 in my head and on that fifth count, I book those flights without hesitation. This has led to confirming my plans to head alone to Japan!

If I really need to start my coursework, but I’m lacking willingness, need and motivation to do this, I simply count to 5 in my head and on that fifth count, I’ll turn off the TV or stop whatever I am doing, and make a start on my coursework.

There hasn’t been a time where this rule hasn’t worked for me personally and I will continue to use it in the future. Try and get out of bed tomorrow morning using this rule, if you feel no motivation to do so. You’ll begin to get what I mean when you apply it to any real life decisions and situations.

And from the wise words of Shia LaBeouf, just do it.

I hope the Rule of 5 helps you out in any situations that you may encounter. I’ll also be sure to post more handy tips in the future.


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