Failed my Third Driving Test

Do I really need to drive? I’ve always asked that question to myself every time I failed my driving exam or just having a bad (driving) day. Recently, I found purpose on needing to drive, after asking friends and family for lifts to and from places where I cannot get to by foot.

I’m a walker and a pretty good one too. I tend to not ask for lifts if I can get there myself because I generally just enjoy walking. You may have read in another post that I commute to work by foot and train for 3 hours each day. 1 hour is by foot and I don’t think I have ever got to and from the train station without commuting by foot unless my parents are passing by on their way or coming back from town. A friend asked me why I don’t take the bus – there are good transport links after all and I can’t blame him for asking. I’d rather not spend an extra couple of pound on my bus fare on top of paying for a weekly train ticket and it’s also healthier if you didn’t know.

Redirecting myself back to the topic, I failed my third driving test. Here is what I got on all of my tests:

Attempt one (04/2016): 1 major, 15 minors (failed a bay park and made numerous mistakes) How can one fail a bay park? By parking in between two bays, so perfectly in the middle that you don’t realise it and see the lines in your mirrors!

Attempt two (06/2016): 5 majors, 5 minors (5 majors in the space of 30 seconds, yes I know…). Long story short, approached a roundabout in third gear, stalled up a hill, rolled back down and nearly hit 2 ambulances consecutively after failing a hill start under immense pressure.

Attempt three (09/2016): 3 majors, 1 minors (all majors caused by external factors e.g. inconsiderate drivers)

I don’t really know what to say or how to explain it to you and to those that have supported me towards taking my third test, but I hope to laugh it off once I do pass and treasure these memories – it’s all an experience after all, but at the cost of nearly 60 driving hours, costing £25 per hour and £62 per test. I guess that you can do the math.

Also, my theory test certificate expires in a couple of months time and also there is a 3-month waiting list to book onto the next test. As the practical driving test requires a valid theory test certificate as a prerequisite, I cannot book another driving test in time unless there is a cancellation. This means that I have to spend another £23 and a day’s leave (because of the commute) to retake my theory, which sucks, to be honest. The plan now is to keep frantically looking for cancellation bookings and save some money by driving in my parents’ car.

That’s all for now. It’s not about travel but is still about my journey and how I overcome my failures.



3 thoughts on “Failed my Third Driving Test

  1. Oh no! I promise you’ll get there! It took me a fair few attempts but I’ve now passed for 7 years and no accidents since (well one but not my fault!). Keep on keeping on. Really enjoying your writing – Laura


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