The Appreciation of Being Disconnected

Being away from your TV, phone, laptop, the Internet, or any other electrical device you own can be the most appreciative thing to do in a while. Let me tell you my reasons why:

Last week I was helping out at a summer camp with a youth organisation and we stayed at a remote location near Haverfordwest, Wales. It was very remote and it was a 10-minute walk away to the beach in order to get the slightest bit of signal coverage. So I wasn’t planning to bring a TV or laptop to camp anyway, but I did bring my mobile phone.  And not once did I use it!

Not only because there wasn’t any signal coverage, but that it felt so good to be without it during the week. This is mainly due to the fact that the other leaders as well as the kids had no access to any signal and thus the Internet too. Instead of the kids (and leaders) hunting Pokemon or scrolling through their Instagram and Facebook feeds, we managed to do lots of fun activities such as kayaking, coasteering, cooking, pioneering and plenty of sport and games without the distraction of technology.

Being disconnected has many benefits as I was able to appreciate my surroundings rather than the responding to the urgent texts and e-mails that pop up on my phone and what’s on my Facebook News Feed. Living in an urban town has also made me realise the beauty of staying in a rural and remote place and I urge you to do the same when you have the opportunity. It’s not only being disconnected from my phone and electrical devices that made this experience so great, but it is also the fact that I can appreciate my surroundings without any distractions. I was in awe when looking up at the night sky, seeing all the stars and constellations without a cloud in sight. It’s not something you get to see living in a town like I do. And for that reason, you’re able to appreciate the moment and the raw beauty of this world simply by disconnecting from the modern age of technology.

Thank you for reading and until next time!



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