The Work/Travel Balance

Have you ever spontaneously thought about wanting to get on the next plane to anywhere and travel? I certainly have.

My daily routine involves getting up at 06:00, commuting to the office by foot and train and getting there by 08:30, then finishing work at 16:30 and getting back home by 18:00. Long day, isn’t it? Imagine doing this until you reach retirement; I couldn’t. Luckily, for me, this routine is a taster for what there is to come as I’m an apprentice at a world-leading IT company.  No risk, no debt; just experiencing the role that I could see myself doing for the next 5-10 years. That’s what I like about apprenticeships – you can see your chosen career path and the opportunities it presents more clearly and it allows you the flexibility to take control of your decisions. If you think that career path is not suited to you, then there’s no harm done in leaving and there’s no cost to it either.

That is why I never went down the university route, although I had sufficient A-Levels to do a CompSci degree in. In 5-10 years down the line, I want to be flexible in my approach to my career and personal decision-making. If I went to uni, got my CompSci degree, and decided that I want to do something else unrelated to what I did my degree in, I’ll feel that I’ve wasted my time and at such a huge expense (around £50,000 debt). Apprenticeships are secure, flexible and you’re almost guaranteed a job at the end of the programme.

I went a bit off-topic as to what I named the title to, but the point is that I’ve chosen the apprenticeship route to give me the option to say yes to every opportunity that may be presented in my life. This includes the opportunity to travel. There is no debt and as long as you’re paid enough to cover the bills and save up for travel, you can do it with no questions asked. Sure there are work-related commitments and you have to stick to your annual leave, but isn’t that better than being worried about being unable to afford to travel because of the amount of debt you [uni graduates] are in?

The plan now, for me, is to utilise every bit of annual leave and bank holiday that I have, to go on adventures unlike any other. I hope to do this alone as there’s something about solo travel that makes your adventure more unique and exciting. Someday I hope to make this a full-time commitment but only time will tell. I’m planning/drafting potential places that I want to go to; currently, I am looking at visiting more countries in Europe before #Brexit and I have another 2 years to do this before the inconvenience of needing visas to enter certain countries. That’s the priority, but I am also looking at soloing South-East Asia and South America.

That’s all for today and I am glad that this is my first blog post on WordPress. Feel free to ask any questions and I hope to post more on my journeys.



2 thoughts on “The Work/Travel Balance

  1. I loved university and got a lot out of it, even though I have not ended up using my degrees in the ways I had planned (life’s a bit like that). But it’s not the right choice for everyone. It sounds like you are making sensible plans. Travel is good.

    Welcome to wordpress blogging!

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    1. I had my doubts with university as I always had that level of uncertainty when deciding on it. I don’t regret going but I do feel I’ll have a better social life and share many more experience if I went, but of course that comes at a cost. Spontaneity is a good thing to have, but I want that on my travels instead of uni. Sensible isn’t always fun, but I hope to make a logical and spontaneous approach out of it. :)

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